We are frequently asked by IPs to assist with bespoke technical services not covered by our normal support and maintenance team. We are pleased to be able to offer consultancy services from our in house development team of experts for a whole host of different requirements.

Services available include:

  • Data migration
  • Custom SQL queries & reporting
  • Extracting data for compliance and monitoring visits
  • Cashiering and money controls
We are happy to discuss any technical requirements you may have and will assist wherever possible.

Pre Sales Consultation

Contemplating a change of insolvency case management software is a significant step forward. Our presales team will work with you to understand how PDMS can underpin your needs.

  • Face-to-face demonstrations are never a problem
  • Cubic Evolution directors are happy to meet your decision making group
  • Vast experience in presales insolvency IT consultation
Our presales team has an expansive appreciation of the business and IT needs of insolvency practices. With over 5,000 new IVAs cases under management in the previous year alone our presales team offers real-life, tangible insights to guide you in the initial phase of your project.

Project Scoping

Project scoping is an important part of your move to PDMS. Establishing your objectives is the key of the Cubic Evolution scoping process.

  • We objectively evaluate your current system set-up
  • We agree what elements of your existing processes need replicating
  • We facilitate what improvements need to be made
Project scoping helps ensure short-term continuity when you initially switch systems and mitigate any culture shock. The process also helps you visualize the potential of your insolvency case management software investment.

Cubic Evolution will spec out what improvements need to be made, produce tailored diagrams and a detailed implementation plan.

Project Management

A project manager co-ordinates your PDMS implementation to the agreed timescale.
Cubic Evolution project managers ensure they liaise closely with clients and encourage a collaborative approach. They will drive your project forward, work to agreed milestones and aim to update stakeholders.

  • They will plan your project
  • Produce and maintain your project management documents
  • Manage the project scope and change control
  • Manage and mitigate project risks throughout the project lifecycle

Data Migration

Data conversion is a major concern for IPs considering changing their software supplier. As increasing IT sophistication makes data migration more complex, this has become even more of an issue.

Cubic Evolution has undertaken many data conversions and we have experience of migrating data from every mainstream insolvency case management system.

Cubic Evolution has an expert team dedicated to extracting data from your old system through to converting and migrating your information safely into PDMS.

  • We can export data from the IPS system transferring Case, Transaction and Diary data into the PDMS system. We have performed such a migration for a Top 3 IVA PLC
  • We can export/import information from your file system documents, e.g. Excel spreadsheets of contribution data or data on Work in Progress into the PDMS system as above we have performed such a migration for a Top 3 IVA PLC
Our technical teams have developed utilities to assist in data migration. In addition they have a wealth of experience in defining the mechanisms for data transformation, and fully understand the complexities and impact the process has on a practice. They also offer guidance to the practice to assist in the management of this vital process.

Workflow Tailoring

  • Workflows can be tailored precisely to each department’s need and workflows can be designed to manage processes across your entire firm
  • A wide range of workflow templates are available that can be tailored to each department's needs. This ensures the system suits every work type precisely
  • PDMS developers will devise flow-chart diagrams to clearly illustrate how your workflows will operate.

Technical Services

The technical services team complements the other service areas of the business. They offer technical services to firms without their own IT resources or provide additional resource to firms’ internal IT teams for the duration of a project. This allows clients to have their own tailored support package dependent on their own firms needs.

Our technical services team provides a range of services including:

  • Preparing technical proposals for hardware and operating systems
  • Installation of hardware and networks
  • Implementation of Windows operating systems, virtual servers, SQL and Exchange servers
  • Support services are also available for ongoing hardware and Microsoft support


Our training department provides a range of services including:

  • Initial and ongoing training is important to ensure you get the most from your PDMS software. Cubic Evolution trainers deliver hands-on, high quality learning experiences that instill confidence in your staff.
  • Before, during and after go-live our trainers are there to support you.
  • Teams are trained in advance of go-live at your offices or in our training suite.
  • You can also opt for train-the-trainer sessions for super users or one-to-one workstation sessions. Floor-walkers can be onsite at go-live to ensure everyone feels confident as you switch systems.
  • Whether you have a new starter induction or an in-house developer to up skill, we have a range of training courses to meet your needs. Ongoing training can be delivered at your offices or in our training classroom, from system introductions to advanced software development.