PDMS Overview

Personal Debt Management System (PDMS) provides for end-to-end management of Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Scottish Trust Deeds, Irish Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Scottish Debt Arrangement Schemes. The system runs the process from the initial call from a potential client, through pre and post appointment stages until the arrangement or plan is completed or terminated.

PDMS includes accounting, billing, time recording, and case and document management, as standard. Moreover, since it is constantly being developed and updated following consultations with regulators, insolvency practitioners and voting agents, you can be certain your firm is compliant with the latest regulations.

Technical Overview

PDMS is essentially a web-based product, although Windows client based software is used for interfaces to banking and accounting software. Current major installations interface with the RBS ROYLINE/BANKLINE and SAGE LINE 50 systems. However, these are de-coupled interfaces and we will build the software to integrate with all the main accounting and banking software with import/export capability, or with an appropriate application programming interface.

The product has been built from the ground up using Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office and can ship integrated into a corporate intranet/internet portal. The web-based product can be run on a corporate intranet or can be run across the internet, using HTTP and/or HTTPS for secure communications, allowing for Office and remote based usage.

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Task Management

The Task Manager facilitates the creation of tasks, allowing the user to search and list the tasks related to a case and also to add recipients to a task type. The roles which are added as recipients for a task type will receive email notification when any tasks of this type are completed and the hierarchy checking system enables the Insolvency Practitioner to view work flows of administrators and the status of each case, from a dashboard.

  • Automated repeated task generation at pre-appointment and account creation time for example: Income and Expenditure review, File Reviews, Report to court, Report to Debtor and Report to Creditors
  • Automated Income and Expenditure review task generation e.g. Termination of vehicle Finance
  • One-off and repeated tasks

Call Manager

The call manager is the front end of PDMS. With CFA guidelines coded into the database the Call Manager incorporates a market leading best advice model to assist with best advice qualification.

  • Simple Call data collection with call follow up
  • Search facilities allowing existing calls to be found via name, address and postcode – this can be customised as required
  • Clear call list presentation with easy recognition of open, overdue, closed and home visit calls
  • Ability to ensure certain steps are taken as part of the call via the use of a customisable Checklist of items
  • Extensive Call listing filters to easily list
  • Today’s, Tomorrow’s and the following Week’s Calls
  • Calls assigned to the current operator
  • Closed and Overdue Calls
  • Home Visits – export to external document collection agents.
  • Simple A to Z listing of calls
  • Simple and transparent management of referrals
  • Reports which enable the assessment of referral revenues and marketing effectiveness
  • Automatic email generation for referred calls
  • System Registration – This feature allows call information to be registered to the appropriate system and creates the initial pre-appointment data.
For a demonstration of Call Manager click here

Pre Appointment

  • Search facilities allowing records to be found via Surname, forename, numeric reference, alphanumeric reference, address, postcode – this can be customised as required
  • Simple results presentation indicating pre/post appointment and archived cases
  • Personal Data – Title, Name, Address, Contact Details, Case Assignment
  • Statutory information - Court, Appointment, Arrangement, Bordereau details
  • Partner details
  • Dependent details
  • Debt details
  • Record all unsecured and secured debts
  • Sole, joint and partner debt assignment
  • Preferential and non-preferential debt management
  • Debt assignment to existing and new creditors
  • Admitted and SOFA amounts separated and recorded
  • Automatic recalculation of apportionment of repayments to creditors
  • Customizable list of Income & Expenditure items with Bulk input
  • Expenditure items can also have a ceiling value assigned
  • Property and mortgage details
  • Vehicle and Vehicle finance details
  • Other assets (life assurance etc)
  • Debtor archive
  • Integrated Case Notes and Case Note management
  • Including ‘contextual’ notes that can be assigned against specific items, such as a breach, etc
  • Case Assignment – who is responsible for the different functions of the case, Sales Advisor, Drafter, Supervisory Administrator, etc, which is fully completely customisable to fit your business process.
  • Time Recording element – fully compliant with SIP 9
For a demonstration of Pre Appointment click here

Post Appointment

  • Account Setup
    • Nominee Fee details
    • Fixed and Monthly Supervisor fees
    • Repayment period
    • Number of distributions per annum
    • Estimated realization and dividend
  • Automated batch processing of in-bound account contributions from BACS with invoice production
  • Automatic contribution charging to disbursements followed by nominees fees then accrued supervisors fees prior to contributions accruing to repay creditors
  • Automated inter-account transfers
  • Automated out-bound creditor payments to BACS or interface to Cheque writing software
  • Breach management
  • Variation meeting management
  • Manual Account movement processing with rollback feature
  • Manual Multiple in-bound Payment Processing
  • Contribution Schedule with the ability to change single, or subsequent payments as well as recording future arrangements to clear arrears, where applicable
  • Contribution and threshold adjustments with auto recalculation
  • One Click distribution with either full, percentage-based, fixed amount or equalizing distributions to creditors
  • Account reset and write-off (with undo facilities)
  • Account Movement integration and batch processing
  • Customizable list of modifications that can be assigned to the case, also indicating if the mod was added as part of a variation
For a demonstration of Post Appointment click here

Document Management & Storage

Naturally, PDMS is installed with a complete set of templates and statutory forms that are fully customisable for your practice and incorporate the latest changes to the insolvency rules and regulations.

The system produces a full drafter handbook that includes SIP 3 documentation, money laundering checklists and best advice attendance notes.

The engagement pack and initial creditors pack for example allow for multiple document batching and collation.

A sample of the Document Templates and Letter Production are as follows:

  • Account Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Receipts and Payments Statement (Current and for a pre-defined Period)
  • Invoice production
  • Notification to submit claim
  • Annual Report to debtor, creditors, DTI
  • Final report to debtor, creditors, DTI
  • Distribution letter to creditors
Document Management & Storage:
  • Document upload feature, e.g. Scanned documents can be associated with a case
  • Server-side and client-side document production
  • Automatic client folder generation and document storage
  • Template management with search facilities and user defined document sub folders
  • Simple document listing, with automatic document archiving
  • Edit existing documents
  • Supports Microsoft Office applications

PDMS Banking Engine

Banking System to PDMS

  • Automatic posting of payments to PDMS and bespoke systems
  • Invoice creation - electronic and hard copy
  • Full suspense processing based on incomplete or invalid payments
  • Automatic posting of interest
  • Automatic posting of Bank Charges
  • Reconciliation of client account balances
PDMS to Banking System
  • Full fee processing for automatic inter-account transfers
  • BACS transfers to creditors based on account distributions
  • Integration with appropriate Cheque writing software
PDMS to Accounting Systems
  • Full fee processing for automatic correlation of bespoke client systems e.g. Sage

PDMS Extranet

The Extranet facility is designed to provide up to date and accurate information to clients, creditors and introducers through a secure Internet portal.


A debtor can see when their next payment is due and the amount on the main summary page. They can also look at the balance of their debts and a 12 month history of their contributions and debt repayments. They can also choose to download their Income & Expenditure, a 12 month statement or a list of their creditors to PDF or Excel.


A creditor can see how many debts they have under management, the number of plans of which they are a part, how many of those plans are currently in arrears, the total value of their debt under management and the total of payments they received last month. They can also download a list of payments they received in the previous 12 months. This list includes the debtor’s surname, postcode and reference number.


An introducer can see how many referrals they have sent this month, number of new cases sent and number of IVAs approved. They can also see a list of leads with their pack sent date, pack returned date and first payment / approval date where either a debt management or IVA record has been created. This list can also be downloaded to PDF or Excel if required.

PDMS Reporting

Analytics and Reporting
Over the years we have been asked to produce a considerable number of different reports for our clients. In most instances, reporting requirements are standard and for this reason PDMS is installed with over one hundred standard reports required for stakeholders.

For example the system ships with the following reports:

  • Active Cases in Arrears
  • First Payments Received (Last 35 days)
  • Nominee Appointed (Previous Calendar Month)
  • Packs Unreturned (Sent in last 30 days)
  • Packs Unreturned (Sent in last 60 days)
  • Supervisor Appointed (Previous Calendar Month)
However the system is very flexible and we will quickly show you how to create your own bespoke reports specific to your practice.
Alternatively you can create your own reports. This however, requires some knowledge of the back-end database schema which we will provide.